LABO-ESSENCES: A Collaboration between JNL and 1Gravity 


LABO-ESSENCES commits to bring pure organic products to customers who are looking for true organic beauty experiences. LABO-ESSENCES strives for premium quality, earth-friendly botanical ingredients, and the ultimate professional salon-level results. 


We believe that being responsible and environmentally conscious is critical for every social being in the world. LABO-ESSENCES strives to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, and be respectful to nature. Balancing the innovative formula, botanical ingredients, and minimal design, every product is crafted to let you feel and look good. 


We use ingredients from reliable sources that represent a combination of active botanicals. Our products do not contain environmentally or hair and scalp unfriendly ingredients, neither does it present allergenic or artificial colors. 


No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate / No Paraben 

No Artificial Fragrance / No D.E.A. / No Colorant 

No Petrochemicals /No Animal Derivatives